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Saturday, 31 October 2015

The Figure in the Underpass

Well, folks, another Halloween is here and it is time for my latest post... However, this is not one of my usual tales about ghosts and phantoms from the distant past. Instead, I will tell of a very odd experience that happened to me several years ago... 

It began simply enough, on a cold rainy night in the winter of 2013. In those days I lived in the Cincil Bank area of Lincoln, a run down industrial part of the city. It's only saving grace was the near by South Common, where I took my dog Alfie for his nightly walks.

I usually walked Alfie around 10pm. However, on this particular night it was later, close to mid-night. It started to rain heavily, so we sheltered under the near by Pelham Bridge, a concrete flyover for the busy A15.

This  is an area best avoided at night, as it is often frequented by drunks and all round dubious characters. However, the bridge provided at least some shelter from the storm and I reasoned that Alfie, a Bear Coat Shar pei, ( a breed used in ancient China as hunting/fighting dogs) would deter any would be trouble maker.

As Alfie sniffed around one of the concrete pillars of the bridge I heard heavy footsteps behind me.

I turned to see a figure running purposely towards me. Fearing the worst, I fashioned the set of keys in my pocket into a crude knuckle duster and stood my ground. When the figure got to within some fifty feet of me, it came to an abrupt halt and stood completely motionless... That is when I noticed something very odd.

By the light of the street lamps and at such close distance, I should have been able to see the persons face, clothing etc. But what I saw was a blank figure devoid of any features whatsoever. Strangely Alfie, who is always wary when any one approached, appeared not to have noticed the figure, and he continued sniffing happily around the concrete pillars.

Unsure of what to do next. I started walking away at a deliberately slow pace, pretending to ignore who ever (or whatever) it was.
I turned my head for a second and when I looked again the figure had gone!!!

There was no way any one could have vanished so quickly. 
I reasoned that the figure had stepped behind one of the concrete pillars at the base of the bridge with intention of sneaking up on me.

At the thought of being stalked, a surge of anger rose within me and I decided to confront this joker face to face... I walked briskly to where I had last seen the figure and checked behind the concrete pillars, but there was nothing... The figure had literally vanished into thin air.

Well, that is my strange experience...I can only add that in recent years several bodies have been found in the vicinity of the bridge, and I have always sensed a foreboding atmosphere about the place...As for the mysterious figure?...A person? a trick of the light? an apparition?..Who knows...?

Pelham Bridge, Lincoln.. The scene of my strange encounter

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