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Monday, 26 November 2012

Scawby Hall: The Laughing Coachman.

According to tradition, one dark and stormy night, a coach and horses raced along the road between Scawby and Broughton. The reckless coachman, who had been freely partaking of the ale at the village inn, cracked his whip laughing and shouting as he urged the horses to a frenzied gallop.Through the furious night they raced, then suddenly they swung away from the road, dashed across the fields, and, with a resounding splash, coach, horses, and coachman disappeared beneath the water of the pond in the grounds of Scawby Hall.”

And on certain nights, it is said, people passing along that road have heard the sound of spectral hoof-beats, the crack of a whip and the maniacal laughter of the drunken coachman

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